The brand new Pro Trailer Backup Assist for the Ford F-150 2016 makes securing and parking a trailer easier than ever before

• Pro Trailer Backup Assist ™ for the 2016 Ford F-150 makes it easy for drivers of all skill levels to secure a trailer to start a boat or park in a driveway

• Segment-First Technology allows customers to instinctively steer a trailer by turning a knob left or right to indicate direction. The truck controls the steering and limits the vehicle speed

• Pro Trailer Backup Assist is the latest example of Ford changing the way the world moves. It delivers intelligent solutions that improve customer productivity so that they can spend more time at work or enjoy the lake

DEARBORN, Mich., May 21 / PRNewswire / – Ford, America’s leading truck manufacturer, is a pioneer in towing innovation more than ever for experts with the introduction of Pro Trailer Backup Assist ™ for the 2016 Ford F-150 and rare towers alike.

Securing a trailer can be tricky. The front wheels of the truck must be turned in the opposite direction that the customer wants to drive the trailer. If you turn too hard, the trailer could hit the vehicle or the jackknife. Whether you’re working alone or with a spotter, securing a trailer can be a tense ordeal.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist helps reduce the frustration of backing up. It works by letting the customer steer the trailer with a control button while the truck steers its wheels and limits the vehicle speed.

To operate the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, the customer turns a button to indicate how much the system should turn the trailer. The technology automatically steers the truck to turn the trailer the desired amount. The system can limit vehicle speed to improve passenger comfort on various road surfaces. The result is less time spent securing a trailer safely – it even helps tow experts by reducing the time wasted on maneuvering errors.

“Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a smart way to save time and increase customer productivity,” said Doug Scott, Marketing Manager for Ford Truck Group. “Instead of struggling to secure your trailer, you can spend more time at work or enjoying the lake.”

Using advanced camera technology, Ford engineers developed the trailer tracking system strategy and tested it for nearly a decade. Along the way, Ford received five patents for the technology, and ten more were pending.

Driver assistance functions now on the F-150

Pro Trailer Backup Assist complements a range of driver assistant technologies that are already available for the brand new 2015 F-150. These features include Cornering Control, which was developed exclusively by Ford engineers to assist customers who may be cornering too quickly. Cornering control helps the driver maintain control of his vehicle by automatically reducing torque and applying all-wheel braking. This can reduce vehicle speed by up to 15 km / h in about a second and help drivers stay on the intended route.

The available lane keeping system is intended to prevent a driver from drifting outside the intended lane. The system recognizes the markings in the left or right lane using a camera mounted between the windshield and the rearview mirror. A vibration in the steering wheel is used to alert the driver. The system can also provide steering torque to guide the vehicle back into the lane if necessary.

The segment-exclusive adaptive cruise control and collision warning with braking assistance uses the radar at the front of the truck to measure the distance and speed of the vehicles in front. With this information, the F-150 can automatically maintain a consistent chase distance set by the driver. The speed is maintained when adaptive cruise control is activated and the vehicle is traveling at least 15 mph. A collision warning triggers visual and audible warnings when the system detects that the following distance is decreasing too quickly and a collision may occur. In addition, the brakes are pre-charged if the driver has to stop suddenly.

Ford Trailering Innovation and Leadership

The Pro Trailer Backup Assist for the F-150 2016 is the latest in a long line of innovative and exclusive Ford truck innovations and features that make trailer towing easier. Others include:

• Segment first integrated trailer brake control, 2005: As the first integrated, factory-installed trailer brake control for the Super Duty of the F-Series 2005, the Ford system is integrated into the brakes of the truck in order to activate the trailer brakes by detecting the brake pressure of the truck

• Segment-First trailer sway control, 2009: As the first trailer sway control for the 2009 Ford F-150, the Ford system detects differences in movement between the truck and trailer and uses the wheel brakes in both vehicles to counteract the swaying

• Segment-first Smart Trailer Control Module, 2015: First system on the truck’s productivity screen that shows the driver which lights on a trailer attached to the truck are not working – that is, the driver or passenger does not have to get out of the truck and move around walk around the trailer to see that lights are blown out

• Class-exclusive dynamic clutch assistant, 2015: A reversing camera function, which contains a dynamic line based on the steering wheel angle in the display, helps customers to align their truck and trailer without a spotter or to leave the vehicle

• Best-in-Class Light Truck Towing Service, 2015: 2015 The Ford F-150 can pull more than any other light van – up to £ 12,200

• Best-in-Class Heavy-Duty Towing, 2015: 2015 The Ford F-450 Super Duty can tow more than any other heavy-duty pickup truck – up to 31,200 pounds

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