“IIM Indore wants to become a net zero energy campus in the coming years; That means the total amount of energy that each building uses annually is equal to the amount of renewable energy that is generated on site, ”he added.

IIM Indore has disposed of all plastic bottles. All faculty members and staff use copper bottles in their offices. The campus is clean and hygienic with trash cans for organic and non-organic trash placed in each block.

The institute had taps installed last year in order to save water consumption. Based on this pilot project in two student fairs, it is planned to install faucets in every tap. With 5 lakh liters of water consumed daily on campus, this step will reduce consumption to around 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh liters daily.

Sanjeevani – The Horticulture Cell – produces herbs and medicines that are distributed to the needy and patients from the surrounding hospitals. In addition to a nursery, the institute has set up a Zen garden and a spiritual garden with a Panchtatva path, medicinal and aromatic herbs.

The institute also provides shelter for more than 35 stray dogs, provides for their nutrition and encourages their adoption.