Several residents have taken to social media claiming a man in Kingsthorpe has made false claims in order to trick guilt-ridden people into giving him money.

On Saturday 4 September, a member of the public posted to a Kingsthorpe community Facebook group that they had come across a “potential scammer” in the area.

The anonymous post, which described her strange encounter with the man, said: “[He] stood leaning against the wall on his phone, looking very calm. He spotted me and started acting frantic, claiming he had to go to Coventry to see his wife who was in a car accident and asking for money to get a taxi there as he was locked out of his house had.

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Local residents claim they were approached by a “scammer” in the Alexander Terrace area of ​​Kingsthorpe. Photo: Google Maps

“The story got very detailed. Was panicking, I tried to help but had no money so I advised him to contact a locksmith to get back into his house. He said great idea and rushed out of sight on the phone.

“When I got back to my car he was in the same spot, he approached me leaning against the wall looking very calm and having some lunch. He looked very embarrassed when he saw me again.

“Cannot be sure we were a scammer but very suspicious behavior please be careful.”

This sparked a huge response from other residents who had had a similar experience with a man near Alexander Terrace in Kingsthorpe.

Other stories they were told include he was locked out of his home and needed money to call his wife, his daughter was in hospital with Covid and needed money for a taxi, his son was in hospital after being killed by a car had been run over and needed money for a cab and losing his van work keys.

It is unclear at this time if all of the cases are linked to one person and no one has yet been charged in connection with the incidents.

However, police are currently investigating the incidents and when approached by Chronicle & Echo, a police spokeswoman told that newspaper that the biggest problem is that many of these individual incidents have not yet been brought to the attention of police, which is proving difficult to build a strong case.

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “We are currently investigating incidents in the Kingsthorpe area where a man has made false claims in order to receive money from various people. Investigations into these incidents continue.

“However, we are aware that there may be others who have been approached or taken advantage of by this individual but have not yet reported this to us.

“We urge you to do so because the more evidence we get, the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome.”

If you have observed any suspicious activity in the Kingsthorpe area in relation to this incident, call Northamptonshire Police on 101 and quote crime reference number 20000289890.