When transporting a vehicle, the easiest way is to simply drive it to its destination. However, sometimes it’s not practical to do it, or it broke down in some way. If you find yourself in this situation, you have several options for towing it. Here are three options: flatbed, two-wheel dolly towing, and flat towing.

Flatbed towing

The safest way to transport a car is with a flatbed truck or truck. These are custom vans or trailers that the car is rolled onto. This is the safest way to transport cars as all four wheels are off the ground and secured. On one of these beds, the towing vehicle can drive normally without having to worry about the vehicle at the back.

The main problem with this method is the cost. It requires a special vehicle that carries a lot of weight, which can mean higher operating costs. The other option of a multi-vehicle truck can save a bit of money but is more restrictive on the delivery location.

Towing with two-wheel dolly

This is a cheaper method than a flatbed truck. In the dolly method, the front wheels of the car are lifted off the ground and towed. This is an easy way to get a car from A to B, used by most roadside assistance vehicles. However, it is more limited than flatbeds in what can be towed depending on the size of the dolly, and motorcycles cannot use this method at all. The other main issue is that the rear wheels are still on the ground meaning they wear out while the front wheels stay fresh and open them up to damage.

Towing with a flat hitch

This is the cheapest of all options as it only requires a tow bar attached to the car. Caravans are built for it and cars can easily be made for it. There are several forms of towbars. Self-aligning rigs allow the car to align with the tow vehicle. However, rigid A-frames require precise driving and coupling.

While it’s cheaper and easier, especially if you decide to do the work yourself, the biggest issue with this is the condition of the car. All four wheels wear evenly unlike a dolly, but are also more prone to damage than any other option. In addition, the drive wheels on the ground can damage the transmission when it is in neutral, especially with automatic transmissions.

When choosing your method of transportation, keep in mind the cost of the method, but also the level of service you require. An expensive sports car should probably ride on a flatbed because of its higher security. A more robust off-roader can easily flatten it. If you require car transport, there are many transport companies in the UK who can expertly do the job. To find the best deal for you, use DeliveryQuoteCompare.com to compare carrier quotes in seconds.

Christopher Osten

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