In Hagerty’s latest installment of his Barn Find Hunter series, host Tom Cotter revisits his friend Mike Nickels after his woodie restoration shop featured in a previous installment was destroyed in a tragic accident.

Nickels, the owner of Nickels Automotive Woodworking in Traverse City, Michigan, was camping with his wife Lana on Sunday, September 5, when he received an alert that his 8,000-square-foot store was on fire.

“We all went camping a week ago on Sunday and we received an alarm from our smoke and fire detection security system in our office,” Nickels tells Cotter. “We came around the corner about two miles down the road and see the fumes in the air.”

When the Nickels reached their garage, it was ablaze.

Nickels and the firefighters were able to save some of the cars, including a 1983 Town and Country and a vintage ambulance.

“All of his woodworking machinery, tools, patterns and templates, and shop building were a total loss,” reads the GoFundMe page in support of the Nickles family. “Mike and Lana also lost some irreplaceable keepsakes from Mike’s parents, making these losses even more heartbreaking.”

Nickels’ father’s World War II uniform and mother’s nurse’s uniform

In the video, Nickels Cotter gives a tour of the remains of his store after the fire.

Among the burned buildings in the video is one that Nickels built himself when he was in high school. On Cotter’s first tour a few years ago, you’ll see that Nickels decorated almost every inch of this building with memorabilia, including two mannequins wearing his father’s World War II uniform and his mother’s 1928 nurse’s uniform.

We learn from an updated post on the GoFundMe page that Nickels was only able to recover two buttons from his father’s uniform.

While the fire burned, the fire department allowed Nickels to cover a 1941 Ford with a tarpaulin. Though slightly charred, the Ford believes it can still be salvaged.

According to Nickels, firefighters needed more than 40,000 gallons of water to put out the fire.

A friend set up the GoFundMe page and has been accepting donations to help the Nickels family rebuild the shop, which has restored more than 100 classic Woodie station wagons.

“Mike has stated that he wants to rebuild as soon as possible and continue the passion he’s had for 50 years – rebuilding Woodie station wagons,” the fundraising site said. “Your donation will be used to replace the unique and specialized equipment lost in this tragic fire.”

To learn more about Nickels and its Woodie restoration workshop, visit the GoFundMe page.