Spending your hard-earned money to buy a vehicle can be quite daunting.

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Before diving in, it’s always a good idea to do some research on your vehicle of choice to ensure you’re getting the best type of vehicle for your lifestyle and needs.

Doing some extra homework about the car before you buy it will also help make the car buying process less intimidating.

Here are suggested questions Motus Cars recommends you ask the car seller before you buy your next car:

Ask about the history of the vehicle
It is important to know as many details as possible about the history of a vehicle.

Find out if the vehicle is new or used.

If the vehicle is used, ask how many previous owners the vehicle has had and what area it is from.

Determine if the vehicle has been involved in accidents or had previous repairs made.

Ask to see all records and make sure they are up to date.
Examine the current condition of the vehicle

The important information to ascertain here is the age of the car, mileage and whether any warranties or service plans are still in effect.

Check the vehicle’s service history to ensure all services have been performed.

Take a close look at the vehicle’s exterior and interior, including brakes, tires, oil and air conditioning.

Ask the car salesman to open the hood and take a good look inside and also examine what safety features the vehicle has.

Find out about any additional costs
Talk to your car salesman about any other costs that may add to the vehicle’s advertised price.

These may include merchant fees, documentation fees, and delivery fees.

If you want to include add-ons (like roadside assistance or insurance), remember to get a quote ahead of time so you’re not surprised by extra costs.

Get the most out of the test drive
Test driving a vehicle before you buy it is extremely important. This is your chance to see if the vehicle really suits your needs.

Ask how many times the vehicle has been test driven and if you can test drive the vehicle on the freeway, especially if you do a lot of freeway driving.

While you’re on your test drive, ask the dealer to conduct a trade-in evaluation of your current vehicle and speak to them about the financing and trade-in options available.

This is also a great time to negotiate the best possible price.

Living with the vehicle
Before you decide on a car, you should estimate the long-term operating costs.

This includes depreciation, insurance, maintenance and repair costs.

Also pay attention to things like fuel economy and whether the vehicle is a “high risk” vehicle.

A good way to check a vehicle’s risk status is to ask your insurance company.

Contact them to get a quote on what it would cost to insure the vehicle.

Ask yourself all of these questions before making a purchase decision.

These simple questions will not only help you to find your dream car, but also to be happy with your decision in the future.

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