Ever since The Grand Tour became a car-related travel series, the show has had its ups and downs. Of course, it’s impossible to keep trying your best at every attempt. Isolating Season 4 of the show, Seamen, was quite an interesting film. But A Massive Hunt wasn’t her finest moment. Now that the trio are stuck within the borders of the UK, Lochdown (Episode 3) gave them a chance to get back to what they do best. It was arguably one of the best performances from Clarkson, Hammond and May since Mongolia.

Now, however, their fourth installment delves deeper into the buffoonery the three are known for. Unfortunately, the Grand Tour: Carnage A Trois only lasts one hour. It deviates slightly from the long-distance element of The Grand Tour. Instead, the three British presenters tear apart the French car industry and its “strange but endearing” take on driving.

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The carnage in the Grand Tour

The entire film will be produced within the borders of the UK. As the name suggests, some cars were damaged during filming. We counted at least six vehicles that were written off or completely destroyed. Some for comic effect, some to prove something, and some because the production budget seemed to allow it. Without spoiling any spoilers, let’s just say a clean Citroen 2CV met the same fate as caravans, or trailers as we call them in the US, in the past in the hands of the trio.

In the special, the trio drives quite a few cars. Her first choice, however, was a Citroen CX Safari for Jeremy Clarkson. Richard Hammond drove a three-seater Matra Murena and James May opted for a Renault Avantime.

The Grand Tour returns to traditional levels of humor

The three had given us a taste of their traditional humor with Lochdown. With Carnage A Trois they take it to another level. Some French feelings may be hurt, but you have to understand that offending someone has never been easier than it is now. So we forgive her French.

The whole episode consists of the three hosts literally fooling around, to put it politely. Not only does Hammond roll over a few times, but he also proves to be the funniest of the three. May, on the other hand, is also in his element with his witty remarks that are scathing and intelligently thought out. Clarkson is also in his element, exaggerating a point and pushing the envelope with his tongue-in-cheek humor.

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The Grand Tour Reviews The French

The episode is essentially a great throwback to all of French car culture. Of odd car designs, cost-inefficient over-engineering, and their ability to push the envelope to see what happens. They talk about the French attitude towards cars and how they treat their vehicles. As well as their overall understanding that the car is compact, purposeful, economical in design and, more importantly, expendable.

Just like the weird and quirky designs and engineering of their cars. It can be argued that Carnage A Trois is a strange declaration of love by the British to the French to continue being who they are. Admitting they don’t love all French cars, the trio catapult a Citroen C3 Pluriel convertible thanks to “its stupid roof design”.

However, they share a love for the French, who pioneered the hot hatchback. As the French were also pioneers in motorsport, they brought six French cars to Lydden Hill for a RallyCross race. They also touch on car characteristics that the French master better than anyone else. A special tribute is paid to another French car in the film. One that had its own French personality through its quirks. That made the car more lovable, more desirable.

Why the Grand Tour is limited to the UK

Season 4 of The Grand Tour was supposed to be feature length specials from the three hosts driving long distances. The shenanigans that would result from the odd chemistry between the trio and the cars they chose for these trips would make for the show.

However, due to the pandemic, plans had to be changed. The Grand Tour production team was ready to travel to Russia in mid-2020 to film Episode 3. But as the world went into lockdown, all travel plans had to be cancelled. As a result, the final two The Grand Tour specials were filmed entirely in the UK.

In addition, Jeremy Clarkson was also able to broadcast his new show – Clarkson’s Farm, which was also a huge hit. Amazon released a second season for the same due to high demand and popularity. James May also released a seven-part cooking show called Oh Cook on Prime Video. Finally, Richard Hammond has unveiled his new venture called The Smallest Cog, a classic car restoration workshop, and the journey is being documented for a series by Discovery.

As for The Grand Tour: Carnage A Trois, it’s an episode you can’t afford to miss.

Image source: The Grand Tour – Twitter

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